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Vax U91-MA-P

Vax Vacuum Cleaners The Vax U91-MA-P is a well built and high powered upright vacuum cleaner, which features a lengthy power cord yet remains both lightweight and efficient.

Vax U91-MA-P Review

Features a powerful suction, it's well constructed and has a six year guarantee to give you peace of mind. An exceptional upright vacuum cleaner! Not the easiest to vacuum the stairs with - although this would apply to most upright vacuum cleaners. Asides from that, it's great!
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Our Vax U91-MA-P Vacuum Review

Vax U91-MA-P Review

The Vax U91-MA-P quite simply is a stunning piece of kit.  For a relatively small investment, Vax have produced one of the best upright vacuum cleaners we've tested, with an astounding level suction paired with a low overall weight.  Deep carpets and fluffy rugs are no problem whatsoever - it handles textured flooring with ease, sucking up everything in it's path.  Smooth wooden and tiled flooring are handled just as well, leaving the rooms we tested the U91-MA-P in spotless and feeling fresh. Finished in a purple / pink and grey colour scheme, our first impressions are very good - it's well constructed, with each of the various sections and controls feeling solid and like they can handle a fair bit of punishment.  Once plugged in and switched on, we weren't expecting the vacuum to deliver such a powerful suction, given the lightweight design.  One quick vacuum later and the Vax U91-MA-P had removed dirt we didn't realise existed from our carpets.

The Vax U91-MA-P's actual body is fairly compact for an upright hoover, providing just a 1.5 litre capacity.  The handle is slim yet ergonomically finished, and all of our testers found it comfortable to handle around the living room.  Built in is the Vax "Multicyclonic technology" which helps to eliminate loss of suction - we're not totally sure how this works, only that it does, with the vacuum performing admirably until the dust canister was full. In use it dealt equally well with pet hair, dried mud and general dust, and in our opinion is a perfect all rounder.  It's equally suited to large houses and small, and the built in 3 in 1 tool provides a degree of versatility to this vacuum. In terms of weight and size it's pretty compact as mentioned previously - weighing in at around 5kg and being 1020mm x 305m x 300mm in size, it should store pretty easily, as well as being simply and comfortable to transport.

So what did we make of the U91-MA-P overall?  Given the high performance we experienced, and the 6 year guarantee, we highly recommend this model!

Our Conclusion for the Vax U91-MA-P Vacuum Cleaner

One of the best upright vacuum cleaners we've ever used.  If you're looking for a reliable, lightweight and high performing upright vacuum cleaner at a reasonable price, then the Vax U91-MA-P will be perfect!

Vax U91-MA-P Hoover Features

  • Multicyclonic technology - prevents the vacuum cleaner from losing suction
  • 1600w power
  • 6m cord length
  • 230v
  • Grey and purple
  • The Vax U91-MA-P Air is a bagless upright vacuum cleaner from Vax
  • High Efficient Particle Arrester filtration system is built into the Vax U91-MA-P - ideal for those who suffer from allergies
  • 1.5ltr dust capacity
  • 1.5m flexible hose
  • The Vax U91-MA-P weighs  5kg
  • Measures 102cm by 30.5cm by 30cm
  • Includes the unique 3-in-1 tool - crevice tool, upholstery tool and dusting brush
  • A telescopic extension tube is included
  • Also includes the Vax instruction manual and a guarantee card
  • 6-year UK Vax guarantee

Vax U91-MA-P Vacuum Cleaner Specification

Manufacturer: Vax
Vacuum Model: U91-MA-P
Vacuum Style: upright
Dust Storage Type: bagless
Total Dust Capacity: 1.5 litres
Power Supply: Mains
Power (watts): 1600w
Volts: 230v
Corded/Cordless: corded
Length of Cord: 6m
Colour Scheme: purple
Power Settings: 1
Overall Weight: 5.0kg
Measurements: 1020mm x 305m x 300mm
Extras included: a crevice tool, upholstery tool and dusting brush
Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5
Customer Rating:

Customer Reviews for the Vax U91-MA-P Vacuum Cleaner

"I bought a Vax U91-MA-P a couple of years ago - it's perfect for my house, gets rid of all of the cat and dog hair, as well as any muddy footprints.  It works equally well on the carpets and rugs and the tiles - really can't complain.  Very reliable and high performing!" John, Nottingham

"My mum had a Vax vacuum cleaner - it always seemed to work pretty well so when I moved out I got the U91-MA-P - it's very easy to use and keeps my carpets looking fresh and clean.  No complaints whatsoever - it's got quite  a long power lead, and doesn't need emptying very often.  It's also pretty lightweight, and easy to store.  Overall I'm very happy with my Vax U91-MA-P" Fiona, Leicester

"I was after a half decent vacuum cleaner for my flat, and found the Vax U91-MA-P to have pretty good reviews.  It's hard wearing, well built and seems to work pretty well.  Not the biggest fan of hoovering, but this gets the job done!" Geoff, Bath

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