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Vax C89-P6-B

Vax Vacuum Cleaners The Vax C89-P6-B is a rugged yet cost effective cylinder vacuum cleaner, providing a decent level of suction from within it's compact body.

Vax C89-P6-B Review

Very small, strong suction, and offers very good value for money. Good build quality too! No real complaints - only features a 3 litre dust container, but in reality this didn't cause any issues for our testers.
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Our Vax C89-P6-B Vacuum Review

Vax C89-P6-B Review

The Vax C89-P6-B is a mid priced cylinder vacuum cleaner, with an impressive specification on paper - a 2000w motor, which provides the equivalent of 320 air watts, 7m power cable, a 3 litre dust capacity and 4.9kg weight, with a 2 year guarantee, all for a RRP of just under £80!  We tested the C89-P6-B over a period of several weeks, and were impressed.

The colour scheme is fairly typical of Vax, featuring grey and orange - it doesn't look as garish as some of their other models, and a combination of the comfortable handle and the light weight means it's easy to carry about.  The two wheels situated at the rear of the vacuum roll nicely, and unless you're trying to turn 180 degrees in a tight area, it's very easy to move about.  No complaints here. In terms of cleaning ability, it scores very highly.  The suction is noticeably more powerful than some cheaper and equally priced competitors we have tested - it left our test flooring (a combination of carpets, hard wood and tiles) very clean, without missing any patches or struggling with any sections.

The long power cable gives the C89-P6-B a decent sized cleaning circumference, and will be ideal for both small as well as larger rooms.  The compact overall size makes cleaning stairs pretty simple too.  Emptying the vacuum cleaner was relatively easy, and despite the low dust capacity of 3 litres, this didn't have to be carried out too frequently.

So what did we make of the Vax C89-P6-B overall?  It certainly offers decent value, and the build quality (and reputation of Vax) give us reason to think it should be reliable.  This is further backed up by a 2 year guarantee, so should any issues arise, you should be covered.

Our Conclusion for the Vax C89-P6-B Vacuum Cleaner

If you're looking to purchase a mid level compact cylinder vacuum cleaner, then the Vax C89-P6-B comes highly recommended.  It runs smoothly on it's wheels, is well built and pretty lightweight too!  The 2000w motor provides excellent suction, and all things considered, we're happy to recommend the C89-P6-B to our readers!

Vax C89-P6-B Hoover Features

  • Adjustable floor head for enhanced performance
  • Width: 39cm
  • Length of hose 1.5m (150cm)
  • Dust bag full indicator
  • 320 air watts or 2000 watts
  • Metal telescopic extension tubes
  • The Vax C89-P6-B provides a 7m power cord length
  • manufacturer's 2 year guarantee for peace of mind
  • Overall Dust capacity is 3 litres.
  • Foot operated cord rewind
  • Hose stretches up to 2.5m
  • Height: 27cm
  • Includes crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, dusting brush and combination floor nozzles for awkward areas
  • Overall Weight of the Vax C89-P6-B is just 4.9kg
  • Side suction for edge to edge cleaning
  • HEPA filter for allergy problems
  • Suitable for both carpets and hard flooring
  • Depth: 33cm
  • Variable power - extra suction when required

Vax C89-P6-B Vacuum Cleaner Specification

Manufacturer: Vax
Vacuum Model: C89-P6-B
Vacuum Style: cylinder
Dust Storage Type: bagless
Total Dust Capacity: 3 litres
Power Supply: Mains
Power (watts): 2000w
Volts: 230v
Corded/Cordless: corded
Length of Cord: 7m
Colour Scheme: grey
Power Settings: 3
Overall Weight: 4.9kg
Measurements: 270mm x 390mm x 330mm
Extras included: combination floor nozzle, crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, and dusting brush
Overall Rating: 5 / 5
Customer Rating:

Customer Reviews for the Vax C89-P6-B Vacuum Cleaner

"I've had the C89-P6-B for a couple of years, and simply can't fault it.  It's not the most expensive vacuum cleaner out there, but it out-performs my friend's vacuum, and offers outstanding value for money.  I'd buy another in a heartbeat, very happy with my purchase" Brenda, Liverpool

"I needed a new hoover when I moved house, as the old one wasn't up to scratch.  I shopped around, read a few reviews and the Vax C89-P6-B seemed to score pretty highly.  I didn't realise how bad my old vacuum cleaner was until I tried this model - it got the tired carpets looking much fresher, and removed a disturbing amount of dirt from the floor!  It feels well made, and so far has been nothing but brilliant." David, Tiverton

"I bought the Vax C89-P6-B based upon the fact that my sister had one and her house is always pretty clean!  It comes with a 2 year guarantee, although I'm pretty sure I'll never need this, it's handy to know.  It works well - has removed any signs of cat hair from my living room, and also picked up a lot of dirt that I didn't even know was there.  Extremely satisfied with my decision to buy this model." Emily, Cardiff

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