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Gtech SW02 Cordless Sweeper

Gtech Vacuum Cleaners The Gtech SW02 Cordless Sweeper is a 7w 25v cordless vacuum cleaner, which is perfect for quick vacuuming duties around the house.

Gtech SW02 Cordless Sweeper Review

Very light, easy to move about the house and takes up very little storage space. Perfect for those who hate hoovering! Not that suited to exceptionally deep or thick carpets - it does clean them but may need a couple of sweeps - perfect for everything else though!
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Our Gtech SW02 Cordless Sweeper Vacuum Review

Gtech SW02 Cordless Sweeper Review

There aren't a huge amount of budget cordless vacuum cleaners on the market - here we take a look at the Gtech SW02 Cordless Sweeper - a basic 25w vacuum cleaner powered by a 7v battery.  Having a cordless vacuum will inevitably mean a loss of power when compared to a corded model - however it will provide you with a level of freedom, and typically take less of your energy to move about the house with.

The SW02 is very light - being just over 1.5kg, and features a long slim ergonomic handle, which is easy to steer and comfortable to hold.  It's height adjustable too - so perfect for all shapes and sizes! In terms of colour scheme it finished in a subtle grey and silver exterior, which is a refreshing change from some of the brighter vacuums out there. In addition, it also converts to handheld mode for stairs and other awkward to reach areas.

So how does it perform?  On regular carpets, smooth flooring and tiles, it's great, removing dust and dirt with ease.  The run time is around 60 minutes, so plenty of time to carry out the vacuuming without running out of power.  Dust capacity is only half a litre, and so it may need emptying depending on how dirty your floor is - however this is a simple procedure, and not too time consuming.  If you have exceptionally deep carpets it may need a little bit more effort - however for pet hairs it's surprisingly effective, and drew praise from our testers.  Another feature is the low profile, which enables you to easily slide it under beds and furniture - something which the majority of upright vacuum cleaners would struggle with.  Our testers were very impressed, and at this price tag, we would highly recommend the SW02.  It's light, affordable, cordless and removes the dirt - what more could you ask for!

Our Conclusion for the Gtech SW02 Cordless Sweeper Vacuum Cleaner

The Gtech SW02 Cordless Sweeper is a decent compact upright vacuum cleaner, whose main selling point is the lightweight construction and cordless design.  If you're after a cost effective cordless vacuum to keep your house tidy, then for the price the Gtech SW02 is hard to beat.  Our testers loved it, one of whom has since bought one for herself!

Gtech SW02 Cordless Sweeper Hoover Features

  • 7.2v NiMH battery charger included
  • 60 minutes total hoover time
  • Quick start guide and Guarantee included.
  • Fully adjustable telescopic handle for easy reaching
  • Lightweight design
  • The Gtech SW02 features a handy rotating edge brush
  • Powerful 7.2volt NiMH battery built in

Gtech SW02 Cordless Sweeper Vacuum Cleaner Specification

Manufacturer: Gtech
Vacuum Model: SW02 Cordless Sweeper
Vacuum Style: upright
Dust Storage Type: bagless
Total Dust Capacity: 0.5 litres
Power Supply: Battery
Power (watts): 25w
Volts: 7v
Corded/Cordless: cordless
Length of Cord: n/a
Colour Scheme: grey
Power Settings: 1
Overall Weight: 1.60kg
Measurements: 70mm x 295mm x 220mm
Extras included: telescopic handle and handy edge brush
Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5
Customer Rating:

Customer Reviews for the Gtech SW02 Cordless Sweeper Vacuum Cleaner

"The Gtech SW02 is perfect for having a quick hoover round the house.  Given the fact it's cordless, and is powered by a 7v battery, it's quite powerful - it's not going to be able to handle the deepest of rugs and carpets, but for regular carpets and smooth flooring it's perfect.  Much less cumbersome than my old bulky vac - the SW02 weighs around 1 and a half kilos, which is pretty impressive!" Gerry, Bristol

"Was looking for a lightweight cordless vacuum, and settled on the Gtech SW02 Cordless Sweeper.  It's very light, fairly quick to charge, and reasonably priced.  Good level of suction, and easy to carry about the house and store.  Can't ask for any more, especially at this price"  Gordon, Halifax

"My old vacuum cleaner packed up, and fancied something a bit different.  The Gtech SW02 is cordless so just needs charging every now and then, but it works pretty well and so far I'm impressed.  Got my living room and kitchen clean - hasn't missed anything either! Quite neutral colours, and stores easily under my bed." Rachel, Swansea

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