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Duronic VC600

Duronic Vacuum Cleaners The Duronic VC600 upright vacuum cleaner features a lightweight design, 600w motor, a gorgeous red and black colour scheme, and is extremely competitively priced.

Duronic VC600 Review

Very light, and easy to handle, the VC600 offers a powerful suction and for the RRP offers incredible value. Slightly small dust capacity when used in handheld mode - however this is due to the compact nature of the VC600, and is a minor issue.
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Our Duronic VC600 Vacuum Review

Duronic VC600 Review

Looking to buy a cheap yet functional vacuum cleaner? The Duronic VC600 is ideally priced, weighing around 4 kg and providing a 600w motor, it's perfectly portable yet powerful enough to clean your floors.  In total it measures 1120mm by 240mm by 100mm so is perfect for storage, yet small and accurate enough to reach into tight areas and clean with ease.

Overall performance was surprisingly good - our testers were amazed, especially considering the low price tag.  We used the VC600 on a variety of flooring types, and it delivered decent results.

The main selling point of the VC600 is the two in one function, which enables it to be used as either a handheld or upright vacuum cleaner.  It's simple enough task to switch between the two, and in practice the VC600 performed well in both modes, removing dirt and dust with relative ease.  The 4 litre dust canister is easy to empty, although given the generous capacity, this shouldn't be a task that has to be carried out too frequently.

Overall our testers were very impressed with the VC600; it carried out vacuuming tasks to a high standard and without complaint.  Build quality is pretty good, and with such a low RRP, it offers stunning value.  The twin vacuum mode system offers flexibility, and functioned well throughout the extensive testing period.

Our Conclusion for the Duronic VC600 Vacuum Cleaner

Foremost, the VC600 provides excellent value, functions to a high standard and due to it's compact nature takes up very little space when storing.  If you're looking to buy a cheap yet high performing vacuum cleaner, then we would recommend the Duronic VC600 - it's small yet versatile and powerful.

Duronic VC600 Hoover Features

  • Operates quietly when in use, especially for a budget hoover.
  • Manufactured by Duronic vacuum cleaners
  • Incredible suction given the price tag
  • The unique convertible system offers greater flexibility when vacuuming your home
  • Perfect for motorhomes, caravans and cars
  • Features a lightweight design and well built construction for easy storage
  • The VC600 offers very good value, yet still performs to a high standard
  • Simple to empty the dust canister, without spilling the dirt
  • The built in cable management system helps to eliminate accidents during or after use
  • The transparent dust canister is removable, offering a 4 litre capacity for easy maintenance
  • Features a washable cloth filtration system, offering a decent level of performance
  • The VC600 is versatile - it can be used as both a handheld vac or as a traditional upright cleaner, with no reduction of suction.
  • The attachments supplied - a floor brush and a narrow crevice tool are easy to add and remove, and function perfectly
  • Beautiful red and black colour scheme
  • 600w motor included, which offers considerable power and suction.
  • Ideal for houses with stairs and also for hard to reach and awkward to hoover areas

Duronic VC600 Vacuum Cleaner Specification

Manufacturer: Duronic
Vacuum Model: VC600
Vacuum Style: upright
Dust Storage Type: bagless
Total Dust Capacity: 4 litres
Power Supply: Mains
Power (watts): 600w
Volts: 230v
Corded/Cordless: corded
Length of Cord: 5m
Colour Scheme: red
Power Settings: 1
Overall Weight: 4kg
Measurements: 1120mm by 240mm by 100mm
Extras included: a useful crevice tool and hard wearing floor head
Overall Rating: 5 / 5
Customer Rating:

Customer Reviews for the Duronic VC600 Vacuum Cleaner

"I was after a budget vacuum cleaner for my flat, and decided on the Duronic VC600 - it's very light but still works well.  Also it doesn't take up too much room, so can easily be stored under the bed or in a cupboard.  Very impressed" Claire, Hants

"The VC600 features a surprisingly strong suction, given the price tag.  It doesn't weigh very much, but still feels pretty sturdy - I've had mine for a couple of months and simply can't complain - it's ideal for the car, as well as use about the house." Dominic Baker, Hull

"I wasn't expecting much from the Duronic VC600 given the price - however it gets my carpets clean, with the minimum of effort.  Ideal for a quick vacuum about the house, with no fuss.  Recommended" Jill Fellows, Kent

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