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Duronic VC16

Duronic Vacuum Cleaners The Duronic VC16 is a cheap yet powerful compact vacuum cleaner, featuring a substantial 1600w motor and HEPA filter.

Duronic VC16 Review

Very strong suction, decent build quality, the VC16 is also very compact! No real criticisms - especially at this price!
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Our Duronic VC16 Vacuum Review

Duronic VC16 Review

So you're looking to buy a new vacuum cleaner, but require one which is cheap, compact yet still features a decent level of suction?  The VC16 from Duronic could well be the perfect choice, with 1600w of power and weighing just 5kg it's certainly lightweight and powerful!

In terms of design, the VC16 is a cylinder (or canister) vacuum cleaner finished in a black and deep red colour scheme.  Despite it's compact body, Duronic have still squeezed in a 1.8 litre dust container, which is relatively simple to empty, and saves both the environment and your wallet compared to a bagged system.  It features a 5 metre power cord, which should be ample considering the vacuum hose measures 1.5m, which is increased further by the metal telescopic tube, which is simple to adjust.

So how does it perform?  Admittedly we weren't expecting much, largely to the low price tag.  However we were pleasantly surprised, firstly by the power and performance of the VC16, and also by the build quality.  Granted, it's not as well constructed as some of the high end cylinder vacuum cleaners, but considering the low overall price, we simply can't fault the VC16.

Our testers used the Duronic VC16 on a variety of surfaces, on a mixture of dust to pet hair, and it coped pretty admirably.  It coped with the majority of the flooring easily, and showed no sign of clogging up or losing power, and our testers were very impressed overall.  Given the compact and lightweight nature of this vacuum, it will be easy to store and to carry about the house.  If you're on a budget and are looking for a cylinder vacuum cleaner, then the VC16 comes highly recommended!

Our Conclusion for the Duronic VC16 Vacuum Cleaner

Looking for that elusive cheap yet reliable cylinder vacuum cleaner?  The Duronic VC16 will be ideal for your needs - it's plenty powerful enough for regular use but also pretty light and compact.  Recommended!

Duronic VC16 Hoover Features

  • 1.5m length vacuum hose for easy vacuuming and wide circumference
  • 5M length cable
  • Finished in a red and black colour scheme
  • wheeled brush included
  • Turbo brush for power when cleaning.
  • The Duronic VC16 is a powerful cylinder vacuum cleaner
  • Cyclonic technology
  • Bagless: the 1.8 litre capacity dust canister can be easily and quickly emptied
  • Eco friendly design
  • improved air suction
  • High performance HEPA air filter helps to prevent allergies
  • 1600W overall power with Speed control
  • Metal telescopic tube for easy reaching
  • A Crevice tool included for awkward areas

Duronic VC16 Vacuum Cleaner Specification

Manufacturer: Duronic
Vacuum Model: VC16
Vacuum Style: cylinder
Dust Storage Type: bagless
Total Dust Capacity: 1.8 litres
Power Supply: Mains
Power (watts): 1600w
Volts: 230v
Corded/Cordless: corded
Length of Cord: 5m
Colour Scheme: red
Power Settings: 3
Overall Weight: 5kg
Measurements: medium sized
Extras included: wheeled brush, turbo brush, crevice suction tool and telescopic tube
Overall Rating: 5 / 5
Customer Rating:

Customer Reviews for the Duronic VC16 Vacuum Cleaner

"I was on a budget and needed a new vacuum cleaner for my home.  I bought the Duronic VC16 after looking at various other modesl, largely based upon the good reviews.  Very happy with my decision, it works really well, gets rid of all the muddy footprints, and cost less than 40 pounds.  Recommended!" Shirley, Notts

"Needed a cheap vacuum cleaner, and saw the Duronic VC16 for sale.  It looked pretty good, and had overall some positiove reviews, so thought I'd give it a go.  I don't normally buy online, but took the risk and am happy I did so, as it has a really powerful suction compared to my old hoover, and saved me money compared to high street prices.  10/10 from me!" Chris, Grimsby

"My old vacuum cleaner broke, and I couldn't afford to spend a fortune, so decided on this model.  I don't spend that much time at home, so I don't vacuum that much, but based on the last few months usage, the VC16 has been pretty damn good.  Has kept my flat nice and tidy!" Charlotte, London

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