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Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

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Looking for a new vacuum cleaner? We have hand picked and reviewed the best vacuum cleaners in the UK to save you both time and money. Whether you're after a stunning cheap vacuum cleaner, or looking to purchase a high perfoming top end hoover, our in-depth reviews will help locate the best vacuum cleaner for your household. Each vacuum review contains a full specification, photos, customer reviews and the latest prices should you wish to buy. Best Vacuum Reviews are dedicated to locating quality high performing domestic vacuum cleaners, which offer good value for money and excellent performance.

Newest Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Vax U88-P3-B Review

Vax U88-P3-B 4 out of 5

The mid priced Vax U88-P3-B features an upright design, medium capacity and a decent level of performance for a relatively modest price tag.
RRP Sale!
Numatic HVR200A Henry Review

Numatic HVR200A 4.5 out of 5

The classic Henry Hoover aka the Numatic HVR200A has a well earned reputation for being indestructable, hardwearing and incredibly efficient at vacuuming.
£154.76 £174.00
Gtech SW02 Cordless Sweeper Review

Gtech SW02 Cordless Sweeper 4.5 out of 5

The Gtech SW02 Cordless Sweeper is a 7w 25v cordless vacuum cleaner, which is perfect for quick vacuuming duties around the house.
£49.95 £95.00
Vax U91-MA-P Review

Vax U91-MA-P 4.5 out of 5

The Vax U91-MA-P is a well built and high powered upright vacuum cleaner, which features a lengthy power cord yet remains both lightweight and efficient.
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Vax C89-P6-B Review

Vax C89-P6-B 5 out of 5

The Vax C89-P6-B is a rugged yet cost effective cylinder vacuum cleaner, providing a decent level of suction from within it's compact body.
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Duronic VC16 Review

Duronic VC16 5 out of 5

The Duronic VC16 is a cheap yet powerful compact vacuum cleaner, featuring a substantial 1600w motor and HEPA filter.
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Vax U90-MA-R Review

Vax U90-MA-R 5 out of 5

The Vax U90-MA-R upright hoover features a stylish purple colour scheme, with a spacious 1.5 litre capacity and powerful 1200w motor.
£199.99 £199.99
Duronic VC800 Review

Duronic VC800 5 out of 5

The Duronic VC800 is a teardrop shaped upright 800w vacuum cleaner, with impressive performance and exceptional value.
RRP Sale!
Duronic VC600 Review

Duronic VC600 5 out of 5

The Duronic VC600 upright vacuum cleaner features a lightweight design, 600w motor, a gorgeous red and black colour scheme, and is extremely competitively priced.
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  • nancy miller

    how to change the attachment on my duronic vc 6b please

  • christine gallagher

    does this come ready to use or does it have to be assembled

  • About Best Vacuum Reviews

    Best Vacuum Cleaner Reviews was set up primarily to rate the best hoovers available on the UK market. We test a wide variety of vacuums from different manufacturers, so that we can establish any pros and cons for each vacuum cleaner, as well as research the specification and provide details for readers wishing to read up on a particular vacuum cleaner model. Each vacuum cleaner review is totally impartial, and we go to lengths to ensure that our hoover specifications and prices are all correct. You can browse this website by manufacturer, colour or style of vacuum cleaner, several of which we have outlined below. We try to be as specific and in-depth with each vacuum model as possible - however if we don't provide sufficient information on any given hoover then please get in touch, and we'll be happy to elaborate.

    Portable (or handheld) Vacuum Cleaners

    Portable vacuum cleaners are designed to be both lightweight and cordless, thus making them more suitable for carrying about the house. Due to the fact that they are cordless, portable vacuum cleaners typically don't have the same level of suction as an upright or cylinder vacuum. However they are a lot lighter, and aren't restricted to areas where there is a mains socket nearby. They are usually charged via a standard 230v mains plug, and feature a removable dust container. A handheld vacuum cleaner is usually quite compact in size, and thus won't feature the same dust capacity as a regular mains operated vacuum cleaner - however they are more adept at fitting into awkward spaces, as well as providing a quick and simple method of clearing up small spills. The portable nature of a handheld hoover make it ideal for vacuuming furniture, cars, curtains, cobwebs and other awkward to reach areas. Their size and shape give a degree of flexibility and versatility, and are perfect for short vacuuming sessions.

    Traditional Upright Vacuum Cleaners

    The first vacuum cleaners that were mass produced featured an upright design, similar to that of a broom, with a long vertical handle which manoeuvres the main body of the vacuum cleaner which is located at the base. The upright handle is usually ergonomically shaped, with a button to control the vacuum, with the mains cable attached to the motor. Modern vacuum cleaners are an effective method of vacuuming your home, eliminating the need to bend down or reach into corners. Whereas in the past upright hoovers were unsuitable for cleaning furniture and stairs, modern models often include flexible attachments to improve all round performance. One factor you will have to take into account with an upright vacuum cleaner is the storage, as they might not fit into smaller cupboards as well as a cylinder vacuum. Upright vacuum cleaners are a popular choice, and with many options on the market, we've reviewed the best upright hoovers to help you choose the most suitable vacuum for you.

    Cylinder or Canister Vacuum Cleaners

    A cylinder vacuum cleaner consists of a main vacuum cleaner body, which is combined with a long flexible hose, and several nozzle attachments. The main advantages of this variety of vacuum cleaner over an upright cleaner is that whilst in use, you're only moving the relatively lightweight nozzle and floor attachment, whereas the heavier base unit remains stationary, thus saving you a considerable amount of effort. Cylinder vacuum cleaners are also more adept at cleaning awkward areas, such as stairs and furniture, and thus are a popular choice for many consumers. Perhaps the most famous example of a canister vacuum cleaner is the Henry Hoover, whose iconic design features a smiley cartoon face. Commercial Vacuum Cleaners tend to be canister in design, as they can feature a greater capacity, are easier to use, and also more versatile at dealing with different environments. There aren't many disadvantages of owning a cylinder over an upright vacuum cleaner, however transporting the hoover can be slightly more awkward due to the design feature a long hose, telescopic tube and heavy base unit, which can make storing the appliance a little more tricky. We aim to review the best cylinder vacuum cleaners available in the UK, and provide in-depth reviews on each model, so that you can establish which canister vacuum will be the most suitable for your home or work place.

    Bagged or Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

    Due to the purpose of vacuum cleaners, a method of storing the waste or dust is required, and this presents the consumer with two main options. The first is a bagged system, where the dust is sucked up into a disposable bag, which when full is disposed of, and a new bag fitted. The advantages of this system are that the bags typically feature a large capacity, and so don't require changing as frequently. The main disadvantages of this process are that you will need to repeatedly purchase replacement hoover bags, which although not a hugely expensive exercise, is an ongoing expenditure which you need to bear in mind. The alternative is a bagless system, which as the name suggests is a vacuum cleaner which does not require a disposable bag, and instead has a dust container which is emptied manually. The main advantages of a bagless vacuum cleaner are that it eliminates the cost, both in a financial and environmental sense, of buying new bags, thus saving you money and additionally being better for the planet. The main disadvantage of a bagless hoover is that on average they do not have the capacity of a bagged system, and thus will need emptying more frequently.

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